Transparency and Diversity Mission Statement

Stavanger City believes very firmly in universal transparency and diversity within the community.

The Council believes that, for real diversity, people must feel confident that no-one is discriminated on the grounds of ethnicity, religion, colour, gender, disability, age, or sexual preference.
The Council believes that planning in Stavanger must be governed by these principles of Transparency and Diversity. It holds that transparency towards all groups in society is the key to good living conditions for all.
The Council is particularly committed to combating discrimination, harassment and bullying at institutions which we own and run. It intends that national initiatives to combat discrimination, harassment and bullying shall be adopted and take root locally.

Etnic Diversity
The Department of Personnel and Organisation  have a special responsibility to devise a universal strategy to promote and safeguard ethnic diversity based on the Municipal Master Plan. To this end, a network of representatives from different service sectors in the City has come together.

This Network for Ethnic Diversity is charged with the following mandate and tasks:

  • Prepare a universal Strategy for Ethnic Diversity based on the Municipal Master Plan.
  • Assess the viability of current reporting systems, including the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud under the national Anti-Discrimination Act.
  • Assess how political decisions and national guidelines may be implemented in the City's various reporting systems.
  • Explore international links and useful partner organisations within City-2-City networks, conferences, successful projects and other areas.

  • Contact details
    Visiting address:
    Øvre Kleivegate 15
    N-4005 Stavanger, Norway

    Postal address: P.O. Box 8001,
    N-4068 Stavanger, Norway

    Professional lead:
    Ms Ingrid Hauge Rasmussen
    Tel: 0047- 51 50 82 73 / 928 14 489 

    Stavanger kommune, Øvre Kleivegate 15, postboks 8001, 4068 Stavanger,
    Org.nr: 964 965 226

    Tlf: +47 51 50 70 90

    Ansvarlig redaktør: Kommunikasjonssjef Marianne Jørgensen

    Nettredaktør: Tone Gaard
    Nyhetsredaktør: Thomas Bore Olsen