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Eiganes walk

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The walk begins through the beautiful and tranquil Eiganes cemetery, allowing you a moment’s reflection. Here you will also see several war memorials to fallen Norwegian and allied soldiers.

At Stavanger stadium, you can test the athletics track and get your blood pumping or give yourself a mental workout at the “electronic playground”. Klovsteinen, a large stone block marking the boundary between the former Eiganes, Stokka and Tjensvoll farms, is a landmark you will pass en route here.

The circuit continues in urban surroundings as you pass Lassa sports ground. Meandering pathways lead you on to pleasant greens and down towards Stokkavatnet lake – Stavanger’s largest. Taking in the view, you may catch a glimpse of a deer or hear the sound of coots. Catch your breath at the pumping station and check out the mini-plantation of different Norwegian tree types found there before climbing up towards Madlaveien. On your right hand, you will pass the city ice rinks - one after the other - built on what was once the Tjensvolltjernet lake.

The landscape becomes greener approaching Mosvatnet lake. You can discover more about this at Mostun nature centre. If you’re lucky you might catch sight of the many murders of crows as they fly to roost by Tjensvoll cemetery, or possibly one of the rarer surface divers as they hunt for food in the water. Regardless, you can still take an inspiring artistic pause at the nearby Rogaland art gallery. The route continues under mature trees before crossing the motorway and up the slopes of Vålandskogen forest, passing “Little Ullevål” football pitch on the way.

Våland tower is a magnificent viewing point where you can enjoy your pack lunch at sunrise or sunset if you wish. The descent down via Furras gate is easy and takes you on to Eiganesløkkene meadows. Sold in the 18th century for cultivation, they are beautiful lush private gardens today.

The walk concludes between Severeidparken, next to Breidablikk and Ledaal in regal surroundings.


The entire route is easily passable with a stroller, with the exception of the steps at Våland tower. Jørgen Moes gate is a good alternative just here.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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