Stavanger City coat of arms

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Fireworks in Stavanger

In short

  • New Year’s Eve fireworks will find place in nine different areas in Stavanger, to celebrate the new Stavanger kommune.
  • It is prohibited to use fireworks on your own in the urban areas.
  • The ban applies to the entire center of Stavanger city.
  • Do not use fireworks when the grass is dry.
Rødt fyrverkeri på mørk himmel

Arranged fireworks under supervision will find place at these nine places in Stavanger:

  • Madlatua
  • The field in front of Prix, Hundvåg
  • Varden
  • Byhaugen
  • Vålandstårnet
  • Jåttåvågen
  • Vågen in the centre of Stavanger (from a barge)
  • Judaberg (from a barge)
  • Vikevåg (from a barge)

Welcome, everyone!

Professional pyrotechnicians will be responsible for the launching.

There won’t be any opportunity to launch private fireworks where people gather for common fireworks. The actual launching area will be blocked with plastic cordons and guards.

Please, respect the ban on fireworks in urban areas, especially in the zone shown in the map below, and also in dry nature, harbours and other areas with high risk of fire.

Kart som viser omfanget av trehusbyen.
I trehusbyen er det ekstra fare for brann ved bruk av fyrverkeri.
Kart: Jorunn Byhre Imsland, Stavanger kommune