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Vaccine against coronavirus


  • Stavanger municipality is offering coronavirus vaccine to its city’s residents, free of charge. 
  • More on vaccination: Visit this page and change the language in the top menu to translate the content.

Information in other languages

Sykepleier Anne Selvåg Sunde satte vaksinen på Margrethe Reilstad.

Sykepleier Anne Selvåg Sunde satte vaksinen på Margrethe Reilstad på Finnøy pleie- og omsorgssenter.

  • Vaccination against coronavirus is a part of the regular vaccination program.
  • The coronavirus vaccine is free and voluntary.
  • Because this is considered a highly contagious disease, it is recommended that all those who can, take the vaccine.
  • The vaccine is administered in two doses, with an interval of a few weeks.
  • Vaccination is not recommended for children and adolescents under 18 years of age or for pregnant women.

The three phases of vaccination in Stavanger

Phase 1: Residents of retirement and nursing homes have been vaccinated at the institution during week nr. 1 to 7.

Phase 2: Priority groups (residents over 65 years of age and those with underlying diseases) were vaccinated by their GP (fastlege) from week 4 onwards.   

  • GPs will call in patients who are 85 years or older.
  • Other patients will be contacted by telephone or notified in another way by their GP when it is their turn.
  • Check the GP’s website for information regarding the vaccinations.

Phase 3: Mass vaccination of the remaining population (ages 18–64).

If you do not have a GP in Stavanger or are temporarily staying in the municipality

If you are in a priority group, call the vaccination office at 51 91 33 33 and you will be put on a list and contacted when it is your turn. If you are not in a priority group, you will be vaccinated in connection with the mass vaccination. Keep updated through the municipality’s website for information regarding the start of mass vaccination.