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Clusters and networks

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Working in networks is about learning from each other. It is about replicating good solutions and helping each other to avoid making the same mistakes. Experience gained in recent years has shown that working in networks with other towns and cities across Norway and Europe is extremely beneficial.

Both businesses and the public sector in the Stavanger region have been keen to work with others over an extended period of time. Smart City Stavanger is working in networks at Norwegian, Nordic and European level. In these networks, we are working together to develop common solutions that every city will need in the future, and submitting joint applications for research funding which will enable us to share both success and risk.

Stavanger Smart Region

This is a regional arena and meeting place to exchange expertise, innovate across municipal boundaries, and create the best possible framework conditions for industry and commerce. It is run by Greater Stavanger in cooperation with the Stavanger Region European Office.

Arena Smart City

On 16 October 2017, Arena Smart City in Stavanger was awarded the status of national arena cluster by Innovation Norway, the Research Council of Norway and SIVA. Arena Smart City is a partnership between industry and commerce, R&D communities and public sector actors, which is aimed at developing smart city solutions for and with the cities.

The cluster partnership shortens the route to market for the municipality, and makes the municipality more accessible to the market.

Visit Arena Smart City’s website here.

Nordic Smart City Network

In autumn 2017, a Nordic network of smart cities was established, with Stavanger Municipality taking part as one of 15 Nordic cities. The aim of the network is to document ongoing "living-lab" activities and establish best practice for replication in the Nordic cities. Funding has been awarded by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the design of "Nordic Urban Living Labs".

This work will provide an excellent basis for the further development of various forms of cooperation in the future.

Visit the Nordic Smart City Network’s website here

The smart cities (Smartbyene)

This network consists of municipalities and cities in Norway who want to work together and share experiences linked to the development of smart communities. The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) is the secretariat for the network and creates arenas for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Working groups have been set up covering various smart city challenges such as mobility and citizen involvement. In these groups, Norwegian cities share and replicate ideas and initiatives.

The network is intended for and is owned by the municipalities. Within the network, there is also close collaboration with other public sector organisations, industry and commerce, clusters, knowledge communities, stakeholder organisations and other relevant parties centrally.

Visit the Smart Cities’ website here. 

Forus Lab

Fire engines and firefighters have been replaced by 3D printers, whiteboards and creative spaces. The old fire station at Forus has become an innovation centre for businesses and municipalities that want to work smarter together. 

Forus Lab fasade
Forus Lab fasade
Foto: Inger Hanne VikshÄland, Stavanger kommune

The new innovation centre at Forus is known as Forus Lab and is intended as a meeting place and showcase for the region's innovation and knowledge community. For the municipalities, there will be a common smart city office, which can be used to develop smart city projects in a close dialogue with industry and commerce. Behind the initiative is Stavanger Utvikling KF and the prototype workshop Creator Makerspace, who want to promote cooperation between industry and commerce, investors and the public sector. 

Contact information

Gunnar Crawford

Gunnar Edwin Crawford

Head of Stavanger Smart City 

934 88 841