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Agreed self-settlement in Stavanger

Parallel to IMDi's request, Stavanger kommune opens for refugees ready for settlement, to be settled in the Municipal of Stavanger. The refugees have to apply for settlement in Stavanger, and find their own accommodation, meeting the municipal's requirement.

Settle in Stavanger

If you wish to settle in Stavanger, you need to meet one of the following criteria:

  1. You are single. You do not have a spouse or children at the reception center or in any other country.
  2. You live with your spouse at the reception center.
  3. You do not have any children, neither at the reception center, nor in any other country.
  4. You belong to a family with only adult members (i.e. parents with their adult children over 18 years old).
  5. You are alone in Norway, given humanitarian protection.
  6. You must not have received a letter from IMDi for settlement municipality.

How to apply at your reception center

You have received information that you have been accepted for temporary residency from UDI. As soon as possible, inform your contact person at the reception center that you want to find private renting accommodation in Stavanger.Your wish to settle in Stavanger will be registered by your contact person.

Send your documentation to Flyktningseksjonen in Stavanger.
Ask the reception center to register that you have submitted an application.

When your application is registered, it will appear in IMDi's documentation. That means that if IMDi not already have entered into an agreement with another municipality, they will wait with further proceedings.

There is no guarantee that you will be granted settlement in Stavanger, even if this is your wish. Flyktningseksjonen and IMDI must first approve your application. If you already have been settled in another municipal, this decision cannot be altered, and your application will be refused.

What to do when you have found accommodation

Fill inn the following forms:
(For access to the forms, please use the links in the Norwegian text.)

A copy of UDI's decision (confirming residence permit and martial status)

Submit these documents by e-mail to:

We recommend that you ask your contact person at the reception center to read over your documents, and send them for you. You can also personally hand them in at the reception desk at Flyktningseksjonen, Kvitsøygata 3, 4014 Stavanger.

The approval process will begin January 2nd, 2017.

Requirements for acceptable accommodation

  • The property is located in the Municipal of Stavanger.
  • The property must be "approved for residential purposes" by the Municipal of Stavanger.
  • The lease must be for at least one year.
  • When ending the tenancy, both you and your landlord must give 3 months written notice.
  • Guarantee for deposit may be valid for up to three months, and may last for up to three years. You have to apply for this guarantee at NAV, cf. Lov om sosiale tjenester §18. Deposit is not allowed. Flyktningseksjonen will assist you when applying for a guarantee.
  • Minimum inventory requirements: refrigerator, laundry machine and stove.
  • The start date for tenancy agreement must be at least 3 weeks after the date you submit the application, giving time for the approval process.
  • Acceptable rent (approximate):
    Studio/1 person: kr 5 500 pr month
    One bedroom apartment: kr 7 000 pr month
    Two bedrooms apartment: kr 9 000 pr month


In regards to apartments located in the basement or the attic: make sure they are approved for residential purposes by the Municipal of Stavanger.

Do not sign the lease before you have received a letter confirming that your application for settlement in the Municipal of Stavanger is approved. If you pay rent before your settlement is approved, you might not get your money back.

When you sign a private tenancy agreement, it is your personal responsibility to find new housing when you end the tenancy.

We recommend the website when you look for apartments for rent. At this site, you will also find important information concerning private renting.