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Why Stavanger?

Have you considered relocating? Here is why you should consider working in Stavanger.

Updated : 6/15/2022
  • 4th largest city in Norway 
  • 3rd largest city region in Norway 
  • 144 000 inhabitants in Stavanger City 
  • 250 000 inhabitants in the Stavanger region 
  • 180 nationalities 

The Stavanger region is the third largest urban area in Norway. The region is a hotspot for resource-based industries including energy, aquaculture, and agriculture.

Coupled with a highly educated workforce, excellent infrastructure and capabilities within engineering and ICT (Information and communications technology), the region provides an innovative and vibrant setting for start-ups and enterprises looking for new sustainable market opportunities.

The city is located 20 minutes from the airport, where you can get to central Europe in 90 minutes. Sola Airport Stavanger has direct flights to London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and many more destinations. 

The Stavanger region offers:

  • Access to highly skilled workers
  • Multiple business clusters and corporate headquarters
  • Universities and research and development institutes
  • Excellent English knowledge base
  • Top infrastructure and accessibility (renewable energy supply, high-speed internet, ports, international airport etc.)
  • Opportunities for eco-industrial collaboration
  • Stable political landscape
  • Predictability in relation to taxes, regulations etc.

Want to start and run a business in Stavanger? Please check out this guide.

For other inquiries, please contact Department of Economic Development and International Affairs: 

Anne Woie
Head of Economic Development and International Affairs
Mobile phone: 995 12 623
E-mail: anne.woie@​stavanger.kommune.no