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Husabø walk

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Pay a visit to Kongsgården - an estate that was divided into 24 farms, before housing and other activities took over.

Starting at Hunvågkrossen, sniff in the sea air in maritime-named streets before passing Jardarholm where countless ships have ended their days, been broken up or used for other purposes. The islet is undergoing change and is now being transformed into an attractive place to live.

An effort is required up Drageberget and your pulse quickly increases. At the top you have a heather-clothed panoramic view, just as our ancestors would have seen it 9,000 years ago. You pass a small dam that has given the area its name - Klampen - that was previously also a popular destination for winter skaters. You could also take a swim at Kuvika before heading on past Skolebryggå, where island children came to school at Kallagsundet.

Stop for a bite to eat at the quayside at Tømmervika before turning westward over Pepperhaugen and into the farmstead at Husabø. Husabø can mean "house where things are cultivated" and is traditionally used to name farms belonging to rich families in Norway. The farm here fed no less than 116 hungry mouths at the start of this century and had its own church.

You pass through beautiful cultural landscape and historic trails. Kongsgården is changing and in a few years the farmer at Husabø will have many new neighbours.  Husabø is land-use regulated for housing and parts of it are already built up with semi-detached houses and blocks. The old farmsteads along Stavangerfjords vei will in future lie within a green area stretching from Lundsneset and south-westwards towards Hundvåg ring road.

You head downhill towards Bangarvågen where the calls of seagulls will greet you. Coopers and fish preservers have long since stopped working here. You too can draw a line here at the walk's end.


The entire walk is passable with a stroller.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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