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Storhaug walk

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The heart of Stavanger, Breiavatnet, marks the start of the Storhaug loop. Passing the bus and rail stations, you appreciate the tranquillity of Lagård cemetery, final resting place of some famous Stavanger citizens.

Paradisveien leads you on and you can experience the boatlife of Hillevågsvatnet before taking in the sea air and heading along Storhaug's attractive green shoreline. Storhaug is the city district with least green areas per resident, although you would be surprised as you wander along the path that winds elegantly between rocks, woods and calm bays. Opportunities for a short break are abundant.

Enjoy idyllic allotment gardens, bathing areas or a quiet bench along the way before returning to a more urban landscape beyond Breivig marina. Following Ryfylkegata, you can take an extra diversion to the newly-renovated Lerviktunet, jaunting through Kjelvene and dipping your toes in Badedammen – the city's oldest bathing area.

It is allowed to ride horses between Breivik and Strømsvig. Horse riders and hikers are encouraged to show consideration towards each other.

Lightheartedly you stroll further on along "Blå promenade", the blue lights guiding your way. The shoreline has completely changed here and is still undergoing constant change. The path you're on previously lay under water and the sea reached right into the boathouses you can see, far up on present dry land. The smell of tar is no more as you wander along Fiskepiren, where fish boxes have now been replaced with ferries.

Jorenholmen was part of the shoreline as early as the 17th century and has always been a busy quayside. Furthest out along the quay, the fire vessel "Vektaren" keeps watch. At Kjeringholmen meeting point, you can still hear gossip and have a chinwag. Life here goes on and old meets new at the Geopark playground and at the oil museum.

Passing the old customs house and Skagenkaien quayside, the walk concludes eminently past Stavanger cathedral and through the city's oldest and prettiest park, Byparken. You find a bench under the old beech trees, trees that the bishop of Stavanger once received as salvaged goods from a shipwreck and were planted here 150 years ago. The inquisitive pigoens are probably curious to hear about your wanderings and you're happy to oblige as you allow your legs a rest after a long and fullfilling walk. 


The entire walk is passable with a stroller.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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