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Tastaveden walk

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You can start from Mississippi park and walk under the E39 main road. Residential streets with floral names keep you entertained on all sides until you climb up the green bank past Tasta church.

The path takes you up through the woods with brief glimpses of heather in between. You will also see evidence of chainsaw use where the landscape has been cut back to encourage the heather and marshland. Reaching the top of Tastaveden (92 metres above sea level), you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city's islands and Ryfylke.

"Veden", as the summit is known, has long been a favourite for walkers and as early as the 1860s, enterprising shipowners ascended the hill to keep an eye on their vessels. It was also well suited for those making their Sunday excursions and to observe the trans-Atlantic ships come and go.

Find a quiet bench and enjoy a pack lunch in peace and quiet, or maybe you would rather kick a football around at the playing field at the top. The remains of a disused dam can can be found here. It used to ensure water pressure for the Tasta area, although modern technology has since replaced it and the installation is now defunct.

Your journey continues downhill through woods and buildings until you see Tastarustå appear along Gjerdeveien. You pass Tasta sports ground in between the houses and greens, including streets named after North Sea oil fields. You will find a viewpoint you probably didn't know about before the path takes you downhill and past Vardaneset church, boatlife at Dusavika and green surroundings up towards Eskelandstunet and the E39 main road.

Horses and sheep set out to pasture and possibly a goose or two will keep you company. The sound of traffic is quickly forgotten as the gravel path below Tastatorget leads you on through green meadows down towards Store Stokkavatn lake. The pleasant sound of lapping water accompanies you to Eskelandsbekken stream. Follow it upstream through the woods until you cross the finishing line.


The walk is passable with a stroller with the exception of the path at Tastaveden. Alternatively, you can follow Gamlestølen - Lauvastølveien.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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