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Varden walk

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Starting at Strømvig allotment gardens, follow Hillevågsvatnet. At the opening of the Storhaug tunnel, you can see the urban artwork “Gabro”, inspired by a brooch found in a grave at Storhaugen.

Moving on, you pass the beautiful and lush southwest-facing slopes that pastor Jens Godtzen named “Paradis” and with mathematical precision you ascend the Abelstrappene steps. Safely up, wander along villa-lined streets named after people who moved to Stavanger, largely from Ryfylket.

Along Storhaug Allé, planted by shipowner Søren Berner, you pass “Storhaugen”, a grave from the Bronze Age that has given the city district its name. The grave was robbed, but what remains can be seen from the highest point of Storhaugmarka.

You wander down Jelsabakken and along Nymansveien, through open green spaces and up to Varden at 57 metres above sea level. This was earlier named Vestvikhøyderne, after the Vestvik farm just next to the contemporary Varden church. Maybe a cairn stood here once upon a time (varde = cairn in English), but we cannot be entirely sure. Enjoy the panorama for a while before passing Storhaughallen and breathing in the scents from Ramsvig & Rosendal allotment gardens.

The route continues through Rosenli and over the Egeland farm where the "brewery wars" at Tou Brewery raged up until the 1950s. Just inside the wood, you catch a glimpse of Egelandsveien 44, which is the old farmhouse at Egeland. There is also a frisbeegolf course here which you can test out if you have any frisbees in your rucksack.

Down towards Breivig the landscape changes and you follow the path that meanders playfully along Gandsfjord. Passing through the area where Mydland’s fruit and wine garden was located between the blocks at Rosenli, you can also enjoy the idyllic surroundings at Emmaus.

Emmaus has also been a children’s home and the name originates from the town of the same name north of Jerusalem. Soak up the impressive view out towards Ryfylke, search for wild garlic at Ramsvik, visit the mini-arboretum at Godalen and Stavanger’s first sea pool at Strømvik. It’s like being in a faraway place but close to home at the same time. Try for yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

It is allowed to ride horses between Breivik and Strømsvig. Horse riders and hikers are encouraged to show consideration towards each other.


The route is passable with a stroller with two exceptions:
1. The track down from the top of Varden. Instead, follow the path past the ball park.
2. The track from Rosenli to Egelandsmarka. Instead follow the path along the shoreline.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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