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  1. Home
  2. Culture and Leisure
  3. Swimming pools
  4. Stavanger swimming pool

Stavanger swimming pool


  • 25 m indoor pool
  • Diving board from 1, 3, and 5 meters (the last two are open for the public at weekends)
  • Large children's pool with warmer water
  • Three small paddling pools for the youngest childeren
  • Saunas
  • Fitness room
  • Swimwear, accessories and locks for cabinets for sale
  • Cabinets are locked with a padlock or with the electronic bracelet
  • You get the electronic bracelet when you buy a ticket
  • Good facilities for swimming lessons

Admission fees

Singel tickets

  • Babies, from the age of 0–3, free admission
  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 45 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 85 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 45 kr

Multi visit pass, ten admissions

  • Babies, from the age of 0–3, free admission
  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 360 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 680 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 360 kr

Season pass, valid for six months

  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 860 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 1 670 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 860 kr
  • Family, two adults and children from the age of 0–16, 2 255 kr


  • You have to show a valid ID when you buy a discounted ticket.
  • Season passes are personal. A picture is taken of you when you buy a pass.
  • Family passes are personal for all members in the family. A picture is taken of each family member when you buy a family pass.
  • If you become ill or injured over a prolonged period of time,  changing the time of validity of your pass is possible. Contact the swimming pool directly and bring a doctor’s statement with you. No refund for a lost pass.
  • There is a 25 kroner fee for the card itself when you buy an electronic pass.
  • The first time you buy a multi-visit or season pass, you also pay a 25 kroner fee. You use the same pass when you renew your ticket. If you loose your pass, you will have to pay 25 kroner for a new pass.
  • Some swimmingpools have replaced passes with an electronic wristband. A wristband is 75 kroner. If you already have a pass and would like to exchange it for a wristband, the fee is 50 kroner.
  • Information about the Stavanger pass, for Stavanger kommune employees, can be found on Stavanger kommune’s intraweb.


All children under the age of ten must be accompanied and under supervision by an adult who can swim.


  • The ticket is valid for one and a half hour.
  • You can buy a ticket until one hour before closing time.
  • Everybody must put on a swimming cap before getting into the water.
  • Babies must wear diapers suitable for swimming.
  • Due to closing time, guests and visitors must exit the pool and fitness room at least thirty minutes before closing time.
  • The fitness room can be used by those over the age of 16.