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Stavanger hosts the Nordic Michelin event 2021


  • The Michelin Nordic Guide Star Revelation Ceremony will be organized in Stavanger in February 2021.
  • The event brings together the best restaurateurs in the Nordic countries at an awards ceremony, where the new Michelin-star restaurants are announced.
  • In addition to the award ceremony in Stavanger Concert Hall, there will be several connected events in the region.

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Michelin til Stavanger

Without good ingredients, there can’t be good food. Stavanger is a large city as well as a region with agriculture and aquaculture with exciting opportunities to develop cooperation between producers and restaurants, and through that also strengthen the positive effects throughout the whole industry.

Proud Mayor 

The Mayor of Stavanger, Kari Nessa Nordtun, looks forward to welcoming the Michelin ceremony to the city.

- Our city and region are already known for its food and restaurants, and such an event contribute to even greater interest and pride in our top-class ingredients, restaurants, chefs and waiters. The Nordic Michelin award is a great way to draw attention to what we have already achieved, e.g. with our two Michelin restaurants in Stavanger, but also to inspire others to further develop the local food scene. As the international interest is directed to the region, it will also mean a lot to us in terms of travel and tourism, says Nessa Nordtun

Four days with food on the agenda

The celebration extends over four days with several connected events. The Michelin Nordic Guide Star Revelation Ceremony will take place on Monday, February 8th and the weekend before is filled with events: Tine MatCup and Det Norske Måltid on February 5th, Asko Servering Norgescup on February 5th-6th, and a dinner in the Concert Hall on February 7th.

- By highlighting the top ingredients, expertise as well as excellent students and apprentices participating in Tine MatCup and Asko Servering Norgescup, we show that we are a food region, says county mayor Marianne Chesak.

- This industry and the food scene are important for value creation both now and in the future. Star chefs are at the top, but depend on expertise throughout the whole value chain, she says.

The Michelin ceremony will be held in Stavanger Concert Hall on Monday, February 08, 2021. Partners for the event are the City of Stavanger, Rogaland County Municipality, Region Stavanger and Stavanger Concert Hall.

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