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Skeie walk

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Start at Hundvåghallen, walk through the sports grounds and over historic royal ground at Husabøryggen. Generations have lived here for over 9,000 years. You cross Hundvåg ring road on the culvert and wander parallel to the runoff catchment area down towards Skeisvika.

Skeie farm is so called since horse racing took place here, or since the terrain was well-suited for such competition. Most of the former agricultural land at Skeie is now built up or land-use regulated for urban planning. House building commenced at the start of the 1950s and comprises detached and semi-detached properties.

The walk takes you steeply upwards through a residential area before you once again encounter the sounds of waves breaking against the rocks. Skeierindå is an area of deposits that indicate where sea level stood many thousands of years ago before the land rose.

If you’re tempted, you can find beaches and calm bays in abundance here. “Humpebryggå”, a pier housing an undersea cable and Saltneset with Second World War memorials are passed on the way. From Breivika you follow a rough shoreline with rocks, small bays and skerries. You will also encounter bunkers and artillery positions from the time when the Germans guarded the approach to Stavanger.

At Trollskogen you walk underneath the tree canopy while maybe enjoying your sandwiches and enjoying the view of the town, but without the hubbub. Passing the fortification along the fenceline, you follow greens and quiet streets juxtaposed against the sails of yachts, soaking up the coastal atmosphere so rich in tradition. In earlier times, these streets were busy with coopers, netmakers and sardine curers. At Bangarvågen you can test out your skateboarding skills at the skateboard park and if you don’t lose your balance here, you’re not far from where you started in any case.


The route is passable with a stroller, except for the section along the shore at Trollskogen. Instead, follow the path that skirts Trollskogen, between Husabøåkeren and Selhundveien.

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