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Sunde walk

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Commence at historic Hafrsfjord with boathouses, cultural heritage sites and stone monoliths at “Pallensentomta”. From here you can observe the narrow sound at the mouth of Hafrsfjord that has given name to the farms North and South Sunde and the area you are about to experience. With Viking-like courage you begin the climb up residential streets named after Christian days of observance.

A little short of breath you cross Revheimsveien, finally arriving at the top of Mimmarudlå, which means “place with pebbles” where the sun shines at midday. Three burial sites have been discovered here, with a further one at Heislandsrudlå, clearly indicating that Sunde has long been settled. The walk continues on gravel until you hear the tranquil lapping of waves from Stokkavatnet lake. Try your luck fishing here. No permit is required since this is council land. A swim or a snack at Speidermarka is also recommended before wandering on through the forest.

Traversing Krossbergveien, you can catch a glimpse of the small knoll (29 metres above sea level), where a two-metre tall cross was probably erected some 1,000 years ago. The remains of the cross were not found at Krossberget, but down by the water’s edge and are today to be seen at Stavanger museum.

Hålandsvatnet lake welcomes you with its teeming birdlife among the reeds, surrounded by beautiful historic landscapes. You wander along the lakeside, encircled with lush pastures and meadows at South Sunde. Some of these were previously owned by Utstein monastery.

Øygardsveien leads on towards Ekrehøgda and the pulse increases in tandem with the elevation. Catch your breath, looking back over your shoulder to take in the historic landscape, neighbouring municipalities and Ryfylke region. The walk down between houses and streets towards Malthaug is easy – a 4,000-year-old settlement where corn or malt were cultivated. Take the opportunity for a little diversion to Aubeberget to study the petroglyphs before following in your predecessors’ footsteps back along Hafrsfjord.


The entire walk is passable with a stroller.

Let us know if you discover a problem along the way!

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