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  4. Dagsturhyttene in Stavanger

Dagsturhyttene in Stavanger

In short:

  • On 13 January 2023, the newest dagsturhytte in Stavanger will open.
  • "Vennskapshyttå" is located in Hundvåg.
  • Dagsturhyttene (The day trip cabins) are family-friendly cabins that are open to everyone, all year round.
  • Stavanger has dagsturhytter: Ørnareiret on Fogn and Vennskapshyttå on Hundvåg.

Information in other languages

13 January 2023 is the opening party of the 22nd day trip cabin, and the second cabin in Stavanger. Pupils from Hundvåg school have given the cabin the name "Vennskapshyttå" (Friendshipcabin).

Omgivelsene rundt dagsturhytta på Hundvåg. Sjø og grønne sletter.
Dagsturhytta på Hundvåg ligger i et flott turområde.

About the cabin

Vennskapshyttå is one of two day trip cabins in Stavanger municipality. It is located on the north side of Hundvåg and has a great sea view to Ryfylke.

The trip to Vennskapshyttå is suitable for all ages, including those with wheelchairs. On hot summer days, it is possible to swim on the good sandy beaches or on the stone stairs that were laid after the Ryfast project. On windy winter days, you can fire up the wood stove and sit warm and cozy in the cabin.

  • Open: all year
  • Self-service: yes
  • Accommodation: no
  • Suitable for: anyone who wants to go on a trip. It is a short walk on a gravel path out to the cabin. It is an easy walk suitable for all ages.
  • Walking distance: there are several routes to the cabin. The shortest route is approx. 1 kilometer, the longest, around the entire headland, is just under 2 kilometers one way.
  • Universally designed access: Yes, it is possible to use the footpath from the car park at Ryfylketunellen, or from the bus stop out to the cabin.
  • Toilet: no
  • Fire pit: no

Here is dagsturhytta at Hundvåg, and parking and tour options to Vennskapshyttå:

Access and parking

The trip to Vennskapshyttå is separated from three different parking lots: 

  • By Ryfasttunellen, 
  • By Lundesvingene
  • By Kisteneset

All three tours go on the gravel hiking path all the way to the day tour cabin. The walking route from the car park at Ryfasttunellen is accessible by manual and electric wheelchair, while the others are accessible by electric wheelchair. The car park at Ryfasttunellen is the largest and has good capacity.

It is also possible to take a bus to Vennskapshyttå. Bus no. 1 leaves from Byterminalen in central Stavanger. The bus runs every 8 minutes and it's the same whether you take "Hundvåg east/west" or "Hundvåg west/east". You get off at the bus stop called "Brosmeveien". See the website of Kolumbus to get updated information at all times. Link: https://www.kolumbus.no/)

Tour description to the cabin

The walks to the cabin are on a gravel path. All the walking options to the cabin are illuminated and the walk is relatively flat. Don't be fooled by the few meters in height, there are still great views towards Ryfylke and city islands in several places up to the day trip cabin.

There are fenced pastures on several stretches towards the cabin. Here you must keep your dog on a leash, but 500 meters east of the day trip cabin there is an area where you can let your dog loose. This area is marked with signs. 

The area is a great cultural landscape with rock gardens, ancient monuments and lots of birdlife. You have a high probability of seeing both vultures and herons if you come at the right time of year. If you walk from the car park at Ryfasttunellen, you can also stop by a nice playground on the way. If you visit the far end of Lundsneset (trip 3), you can see the memorial for 22 July.


  • Tour 1: 2 km round trip, accessible with manual and electric wheelchairs, the number of height meters on the tour is 13 metres.
  • Tour 2: 1.6 km round trip, accessible with an electric wheelchair, but a little steep down the bends to the headland where the day tour cabin is located, the number of height meters on the tour is 17 metres.
  • Tour 3: 4 km round trip, accessible with an electric wheelchair, the number of height meters on the tour is 10 meters.


About the cabin

The cabin is located on the island's highest peak, Ørnakula, 166 meters above sea level. From here you can enjoy the fantastic view over Ryfylke, while you warm your feet by the wood stove in the cabin. If the fog causes poor visibility, the family can relax with some reading material in the cabin. The solar panel gives you reading light. 

The outhouse is right next to the cabin.

  • Open: All year
  • Self-service: Yes
  • Accommodation: No
  • Suitable for: Suitable for children and adults
  • Walking distance: 2.5km
  • Duration: approx. one hour
  • Universally designed access: No
  • Toilet: Yes
  • Fire pit: No


Arrival and parking

Arrival by public transport: fast boat from Stavanger city center and ferry or fast boat from Judaberg quay.

Parking: There are four parking options at Fogn: the quay, the church, Joker Fogn, and at Erås.

Tour description to the cabin

The tour starts at Fogn kai, follow the signs to the shop. Here you cross a fence splitter and start your trip in the terrain. There is rough terrain above pasture, be careful to stay on the path. When you reach the road at Høgaste, you cross the road and go over fence splits into the terrain. Follow the markings through the grazing landscape. On the last climb towards Ørnakulå, there is a short section with a bit of splitting, here a rope has been set up that you can hold on to. 

It is also possible to take a round trip via the Robin Hood forest. The shortest trip option is from Erås. Here you start from the car park and follow the markings. All hiking trails on Fogn are marked with blue stakes, trail junctions are marked with signs. 

Distance: 5km r/r, Ørnareiret 165m

About the day trip cabins:

The cabins were designed by Rojo Arkitekter, they have a common design and are 15 square meters inside, with a simple design with a door and windows.

In Stavanger, two day trip cabins will initially be built. The cabin on Fogn was ready for use in September 2022, while the cabin on Hundvåg will be finished in January 2023.

The day trip cabin project in Rogaland is a collaboration between the municipalities, Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank, voluntary organizations and Rogaland county council.

To read more about the project about the day trip cabins, you can click here.