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Ice thickness

In Short

  • Update 23.02.2021: The ice is unsafe on all waters in Stavanger.
  • Stavanger kommune starts to measure the strength and thickness of the ice on 13 bodies of water in the Stavanger area when the waters begin to freeze.

Information in other languages

Vinterstemning rundt Vannassen - foto: Ståle Madland Schjelderup

When is the ice safe?

The ice has to be a minimum of 13 cm thick, and of good quality, before we can say it is safe for people to walk on. Check the updated list below and signs around the waters. We have no signs around the waters in Rennesøy and Finnøy, so please check the table below.

For you that wants to go out on the ice

Iced over waters can have areas with thin ice or no ice at all, for example along the edges where vegetation is growing, or where a stream flows into or out of it. Some of these areas will be cordoned off, but you also need to be on your guard.

Familiarise yourself with the water and where the dangerous areas might be. All traffic on the ice is at your own risk.

We will put up signs saying “Usikker is”, meaning thin or dangerous ice, when the ice is unsafe. Then you have to stay on land even though the ice might look safe. Please be aware of that we do not put out signs in Rennesøy and Finnøy.

We do not measure other waters than the waters uplisted in the tabel below. We do not measure either ice on the sea and do not put up any signs along the seafront. We discourage traffic on sea ice. It is usually thinner than ice on fresh water.

Updated measurements of iced waters in Stavanger

  Date Thickness of ice (cm) Status
Mosvatnet 23.02.21  


Litle Stokkavatn 23.02.21   Unsafe
 Vannassen 23.02.21   Unsafe
Store Stokkavatn 23.02.21  


Hålandsvatnet 23.02.21  



Breiavatnet 23.02.21   Unsafe
Hindalsdammen 23.02.21  


Bergåstjern 23.02.21  


Litle Vannassen 23.02.21   Unsafe
Dalestemmen, Rennesøy 23.02.21  


Vikestemmen, Rennesøy 23.02.21   Unsafe
Lauvsnesvatnet, Finnøy 23.02.21  



The pond by the culvert by Tjodolvs gate 23.02.21   Unsafe

As a safety precaution, we do not publish any measurements of the ice thickness before it has reached a minimum of 13 centimetres.