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The Stavanger Botanic Garden

The Stavanger Botanic Garden was established in 1977 and includes 8 hectares of garden and parkland. The botanic garden is owned and operated by the City of Stavanger.

Stavanger botaniske hage

Stavanger botaniske hage
Foto: Stavanger botaniske hage

Getting here

Stavanger botanic garden is located between the university campus and Ullandhaug tower. Follow the signs labelled “Botanisk hage” from the main road at Ullandhaugveien or Kristine Bonnevies vei.

  • By bicycle or on foot – follow the signed biking routs to Ullandhaug from the city center, and onwards to Stavanger botanic garden or the Hulda Garborg building (University of Stavanger).
  • By buss – choose buss no. 6, 7, X60 to the University campus. The garden is across the road from the Hulda Garborg building (UiS). Schedule for busses 
  • By car – use the parking lot by the Ullandhaug tower.

Opening hours

Stavanger botanic garden is always open to the public.

There is no admission charge.

The Geographic Garden

In the Geographic Garden you can see species from other parts of the world where the climate is similar to that of the Stavanger area. Among the highlights are the big-leaved species of Rhododendron (e.g. R. sinogrande) and kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) from Asia, several species of Hebe from New Zealand, EmbothriumEucryphia, and Nothofagus from South America.

The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden contains a variety of medicinal and poisonous plants, culinary herbs, plants used for dying and plants used for tea. You will also find a selection of traditional and modern vegetables.

The Perennial Garden

The Perennial Garden contains herbaceous and mixed borders with species of interest to gardeners particularly in south-western Norway.

Contact information

Visiting address:

Rektor Natvig-Pedersens vei 9 4021 Stavanger

Postal address:

Rektor Natvig-Pedersens vei 9 4021 Stavanger

51 50 78 61