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  1. Home
  2. Culture and Leisure
  3. Swimming pools
  4. Gamlingen



  • One outdoor pool, length 25 meters, depth two meters, temperature 28 degrees celsius
  • One children's pool, temperature 32–33 degrees celsius
  • One paddling pool, temperature 32–33 degrees celsius
  • Three saunas: one for men only, one for women only and one joint sauna
  • One fitness room
  • Swimwear and accessories for sale
  • Café, open every day from 11:00–18:00

Admission fees

Singel tickets

  • Babies, from the age of 0–3, free admission
  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 45 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 85 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 45 kr

Multi visit pass, ten admissions

  • Babies, from the age of 0–3, free admission
  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 360 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 680 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 360 kr

Season pass, valid for six months

  • Children, from the age of 4–16, 860 kr
  • Adults, from the age of 17, 1 670 kr
  • Students and concessionary, 860 kr
  • Family, two adults and children from the age of 0–16, 2 255 kr


All children under the age of ten must be accompanied and under supervision by an adult who can swim.


  • The ticket is valid for one and a half hour.
  • You can buy a ticket until one hour before closing time.
  • Everybody must put on a swimming cap before getting into the water.
  • Babies must wear diapers suitable for swimming.
  • Due to closing time, guests and visitors must exit the pool and fitness room at least thirty minutes before closing time.
  • The fitness room can be used by those over the age of 16.


  • You have to show a valid ID when you buy a discounted ticket.
  • Season passes are personal. A picture is taken of you when you buy a pass.
  • Family passes are personal for all members in the family. A picture is taken of each family member when you buy a family pass.
  • If you become ill or injured over a prolonged period of time,  changing the time of validity of your pass is possible. Contact the swimming pool directly and bring a doctor’s statement with you. No refund for a lost pass.
  • There is a 25 kroner fee for the card itself when you buy an electronic pass.
  • The first time you buy a multi-visit or season pass, you also pay a 25 kroner fee. You use the same pass when you renew your ticket. If you loose your pass, you will have to pay 25 kroner for a new pass.
  • Some swimmingpools have replaced passes with an electronic wristband. A wristband is 75 kroner. If you already have a pass and would like to exchange it for a wristband, the fee is 50 kroner.
  • Information about the Stavanger pass, for Stavanger kommune employees, can be found on Stavanger kommune’s intraweb.