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  2. May 17 in Stavanger

May 17 in Stavanger

In Short

  • May 17th is Norway´s National Day.
  • 10:00 Barnetoget, the main Children´s Parade, starts from the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel.
  • 13:15 The russ have their own parade from Stavanger Stadium.
  • 16:00 Folketoget (People´s Parade) starts from the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel.

Information in other languages

Traffic and public transportation

The city center will be closed for traffic on the 17th from 06.00 - 19.00

The inner part of Strandkaien, Skagenkaien, Kongsgårdbakken and Arne Rettedals gate up to Løkkeveien, will be closed until 06.00 on the 18th of May.

All parking alongside and on the parade routes is prohibited on 17th of May. Parking spaces are available in parkinghalls close to the city center.

Busses from the city center will mainly depart from Fiskepiren. Keep in mind, that there might be some delays throughout the day.

Kolumbus: Bus and ferry service on 17th of May



How to take part in celebrating our National Day

May 17th is Norway´s National Day. On 17th of May 1814, Norway's constitution was signed in Eidsvoll and each year this anniversary gives us all a chance to celebrate that we live in a free and democratic country.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the celebration. It is a day of fun, community, flags and parades. This is also a day to celebrate Norway´s cultural diversity and we are glad that we can celebrate together with many other nations. There are people representing over 170 different nationalities in Stavanger.

We hope that this information will make it easier for everyone to participate in the celebration.

17. mai 2017

Dress code, flags and traffic 

Dress code:

On 17th of May we wear our nicest clothes. Many Norwegians wear the national costume which is called bunad. It is common to pin ribbons of red, white and blue on the left side of your chest, the colors of the Norwegian flag.

Remember to check the weather report and dress accordingly.


Get a hold of a small Norwegian flag that you can keep with you during the day. We Norwegians wave the flag and say HURRA!

Key phrase:

”Gratulerer med dagen” literally means ”Happy birthday!” Respond with ”Gratulerer med dagen”. We can greet those we meet with these words and a smile, even if we do not know them.

Public holiday:

All shops and public offices will be closed on the day.

Restaurants and bars will be open in the city.


Take the bus or walk. Plan in advance. This day everybody is outside.

Watching the parades:

Find a place along the parade route. See the maps in the booklet. You can greet the passing people in the parade by shouting "HURRA!" or "HIPP HIPP HURRA!" and waving the flag.


The city will be full of youth wearing red and blue costumes. These are called Russ and are students celebrating their upcoming graduation from high school.

The main program

10:00   Barnetoget, the main Children´s Parade starts from the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel

10:00   Children´s Parades in several of Stavanger´s neighborhoods (see booklet)

After the parades: celebrations in many neighborhood schools with food, games, speeches and music

11:30   Church service at Domkirken

12:45   Citizens´ Parade from the Cathedral along Strandkaien to the Concert Hall. Everyone is welcome to march.

13.15 The russ have their own parade from Stavanger Stadium along Eiganesveien to city centre.

13:00   Celebration outside Stavanger Concert Hall with food, entertainment and speeches.

16:00   Folketoget (People´s Parade) starts from the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel.

Folketoget is the last public event. Normally it is finished by 18:00. People often have private events afterwards such as barbecues and social gatherings

Parade Map - 17 May 2019

Peoples' parade (Folketoget)


  1. Brannkorpset
  2. Flaggborgen ved speiderne
  3. Stavanger musikkorps av 1919 (100-årsjubilant) 
  4. 17. mai komiteen
  5. Bystyret, ungdommens bystyre og bydelsutvalgene
  6. Tjensvoll FK
  7. Stavanger Janitsjar
  8. Viking FK (120-årsjubilant)
  9. Viking håndball
  10. Universitetet i Stavanger
  11. Stavanger Roklubb (125-årsjubilant)
  12. Hinna fotball
  13. Stavanger Studentsangforening
  14. Stavanger Idrettsforening
  15. Stavanger lotteforening
  16. Gods Grace Stavanger (20-årsjubilant)
  17. Stavanger Røde Kors
  18. Canentes Sus Barbatus
  19. Natteravnene
  20. Eiganes skolekorps
  21. Stavanger Turn forening
  22. Norsk Tyrkisk kulturforening
  23. Tastavarden håndballklubb (25-årsjubilant)
  24. Tasta HK
  25. Song og spelkorlaget av 8 mars & Søn (35-årsjubilant)
  26. Tasta Idrettslag
  27. The Buddhist forening.
  28. Stavanger judoklubb
  29. De Voksne af Roaldsøy
  30. Stavanger innebandyklubb (10-årsjubilant)
  31. Sunde innebandyklubb
  32. Kulturskolen
  33. Stavanger Skiklubb
  34. Stavanger Blues Club
  35. Stavanger Karateklubb
  36. ConocoPhillips Janitsjar
  37. CISV Rogaland
  38. Stavanger Capoeira Klubb
  39. Stavanger stup club
  40. Frisinn Svømmeklubb
  41. Straen turn- og gymnastikkforening
  42. Stavanger Svømmeklubb
  43. Stavanger Fekteklubb
  44. Idrettslaget Skjalg
  45. Stavanger skateklubb
  46. Stavanger Drill
  47. Stavanger Strikk og Drikk
  48. Norsk Kennel Klub region Rogaland
  49. Trommetruppen TROMLINGAN
  50. Stavanger sykleklubb
  51. Hafrsfjord Sykkelklubb
  52. Stavanger Brass Band
  53. Siddis Trim og Turnforening
  54. Stavanger tennisklubb
  55. Norsk Folkehjelp Stavanger
  56. VSOP
  57. Sunde Idrettslag
  58. Madlamark skolekorps
  59. Vardeneset Ballklubb
  60. Human Etisk forbund
  61. Jernbanens musikkorps
  62. Stavanger Sandnes skøyteklubb
  63. Vaulen IL
  64. Stavanger Kunstløpklubb
  65. Caritas Stavanger Au Pair senter
  66. Storhaug skolekorps
  67. Rogaland Litauiske forening
  68. Stavanger Seilforening
  69. Stavanger Diamonds Cheersportklubb
  70. Musikkorpset Gjallarhorn
  71. Forus & Gausel IL.
  72. Salem Stavanger
  73. Hundvåg Karateklubb
  74. KFUK-KFUM Ynglingen
  75. KFUM håndball
  76. KFUM volleyball
  77. Brodd fotballklubb
  78. FK Vidar
  79. Stavanger freestyledisco
  80. Madla IL
  81. Hundvåg Cheerleading IL
  82. FC Show
  83. Oil City Rollers
  84. Oilers og Stavanger ishockeyklubb
  85. Speiderne i Stavanger
  86. Indian Society of Rogaland
  87. Stavanger Taekwondoklubb
  88. STEPS Dansestudio

Childrens' parade

  1. Politiet
  2. Brannbilen
  3. Flaggborgen v/speiderne
  4. Stavanger Janitsjar
  5. 17. mai-komiteen
  6. Kommunalstyret for oppvekst
  7. Trollberget barnehage
  8. The British International School of Stavanger
  9. Kvaleberg skolekorps
  10. 150-årsjubilanten Kvaleberg skole
  11. Kristianslyst skole
  12. Johannes læringssenter
  13. Våland skole skolekorps
  14. Våland skole
  15. Kannik skole
  16. Storhaug skolekorps
  17. Storhaug skole
  18. Roaldsøy skole
  19. Buøy skoles musikkorps og Roaldsøy skoles musikkorps
  20. Buøy skole
  21. International School of Stavanger med korps
  22. Wang ung
  23. Jernbanens musikkorps
  24. Tastarustå skole
  25. Vardenes skole
  26. Vardenes skolekorps
  27. Teinå skole
  28. Tasta skolekorps
  29. Byfjord skole
  30. Tasta skole
  31. Tastaveden skole
  32. Kampen skolekorps
  33. Kampen skole
  34. Nylund skolekorps
  35. Nylund skole
  36. Stavanger musikkorps av 1919
  37. Stavanger katedralskole
  38. Steinerskolen
  39. Eiganes skole
  40. Den franske skolen
  41. Eiganes skolekorps
  42. Lassa skole
  43. Tjensvoll skole
  44. Auglend og Tjensvoll skolekorps
  45. Auglend skole
  46. Stavanger kristne grunnskole
  47. KF skolen
  48. St. Olav vg skole
  49. St. Svithun ungdomsskole
  50. St. Svithun vg. skole
  51. Ullandhaug skole 

The best preformance will be awarded!