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Help the refugees from Ukraine!

Stavanger’s inhabitants can contribute to the collection for Ukraine’s refugees on Wednesday, March 2nd. A lorry/truck will receive items on the concerthall quay all day.

This news story is more than one month old. The content may therefore be outdated or not up to date.

Go to stavanger.kommune.no/nyheter for the latest news.

De to polske damene Joanna og Anna sammen med sekker og esker med utstyr og varer som er samlet inn til ukrainske flyktninger.

Joanna og Anna (t.h.) med innsamlede varer i lageret i Hoveveien i Sandnes.
Stavanger kommune

Stavanger kommune has hired a lorry/truck and a trailer which shall carry the goods to Warszaw in Poland.

«It’s the least we can do in the terrible situation the refugees from Ukraine are in», says group leader in Ap Dag Mossige.

Konserthuskaien 9–19 Wednesday

The lorry will stand on Konserthuskaien (the concert hall quay) between the old ferry terminal and Stavanger concert hall in the centre of Stavanger 09:00 to 19:00 Wednesday 2nd of March. Polish Anna Czekalska, who is among those who took the initiative for the collection, asks first and foremost for items for women and children. But don’t send clothes, the collection has enough clothes.

Need dry food and hygiene items
«We need medicines like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, nappies/diapers, hygiene items like sanitary towels and tampons, wet wipes, baby food, dry food, tinned food and foldable buggies/strollers and prams. It’s critical for the refugees on the border. They’ve walked a long way and been standing in long queues, and they lack both food and water» says Anna.

The trailer goes to Warszaw on Thursday
The goods that are collected in Stavanger will be taken to the store in Hoveveien in Sandnes, and from there sent by trailer to Warszaw on Thursday the 3rd of March.

«We need to get the aid on the way quickly. Please help us to fill the trailer» says Anna.

Pack in cardboard boxes and write on the box what the contents are
The goods must be packed in cardboard boxes. Write on the outsdie what the contents are. There are three organisations that are working on the collection, among them Coolture i Norge. The collected goods will be delivered to a Ukrainian society in Szczecin in Poland.

Contact information for media:
Group leader for Arbeiderpartiet, Dag Mossige, 415 18 623
Anna Czekalska, 465 96 530.