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Information in English about services related to housing from the municipality of Stavanger.

Building matters

Do you have to apply for or give notification of building work you wish to carry out?
Certain types of building projects require you to apply to or obtain permission from the municipal authorities. See the planning and building act, chap. XVI, section 93, (plan - og bygningsloven) or the National Office of Building Technology and Administration (Statens bygningstekniske etat) for more information or contact our service centre. You will find all the required forms on their website.

Property information

Information about a particular property, including its size and living area, property taxes, owner history, registered property number (gårds- og bruksnummer) etc., is available from our service centre. 
Call 51 50 70 90 or visit us at Olav Kyrres gate 23.

Site plan

You can order a site plan (situasjonskart, tidligere byggekart) online by typing in your address in the search field and selecting 'Bestill kart' which takes you to the map ordering menu.

Financial support to buy a home

Housing allowances, start-up loans and housing subsidies are financial support schemes intended to help more people to purchase a good home. Application forms and further information can be found on the Norwegian State Housing Bank's website (Husbanken).