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Fee for driving on studded tires in Stavanger

From November 1st 2017 there is a fee for driving on studded tires within Stavanger kommune.

Information in other languages

Who has to pay?

Everyone who shall drive a car with studded tyres within the limist of Stavanger kommune must pay the fee. Also for short visits and for driving through Stavanger.

Have you paid this fee in other cities (Bergen Trondheim, Oslo) for the period, you don't have to pay in Stavanger. And the opposite.

Among the exceptions are

  • Car in which a driver or passenger brings a parking permit for displaced persons
  • Car with a number plate with yellow characters on blue background.

Read more on this in the national regulations (Norwegian language).

How much?

The fee is NOK 1400 for the whole winter season for each car with studded tyres. Or 450 per month and 35 kroner per day.
For 3,5 ton vehicles the price doubles.

How and where to pay?

  • With the EasyPark app:
    • Enter 5755 for cars <3,5 tons.
    • Enter 5756 for vehicles 3,5 tons and up.
  • Vipps. Enter "Pigg Stavanger" or 127341
  • With the Stavanger Parkering app

Manual payment at

  • Fjord 1, the ferry from Arsvågen to Mortavika
  • gas stations named Circle K at Tau, in Haugesundsgata, on Lura and on Ålgård
  • gas stations named Shell at Randabergveien, on Vardeneset and in Løkkeveien

Stavanger Parkering provides the payment solutions. More information (in Norwegian) on www.stavanger-parkering.no/piggavgift

Contact information

Visiting address:

4005 Stavanger

51 50 70 90