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Støtte til kjøp av el-lastesykkel

In short:

  • The support scheme for the purchase of electric cargo bikes for families with children has ended.

  • When electric cargo and transport bikes replace fossil fuel vehicles, it helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in Stavanger.

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Who could apply for the support?

  • The support scheme for the purchase of electric cargo bikes for families with children has ended.
  • Families with children who have children born in 2016 or later and who want to buy an electric cargo bike designed for at least two children. Families with children who have received support from Stavanger municipality for the purchase of electric cargo bikes in the past cannot apply again this round.
  • Companies, non-profit organisations, nurseries, nursing homes and healthcare services that want to use electric cargo bikes for the transport of goods and people or the transport of equipment for craftsmen.
  • Applicants must be resident/registered in Stavanger municipality.

What can you apply for support for?

  • Purchase of an electric cargo bike that is delivered by a Norwegian supplier or shop.
  • You cannot apply for support for electric cargo bikes that have already been ordered or purchased.
  • Whoever receives support must keep the electric cargo bike for at least 3 years.
  • The support, or parts of the support, must be paid back if it has been paid on the wrong basis.

How much does the municipality provide in support?

  • The support is up to NOK 15,000.
  • The support cannot amount to more than 50% of the price offer for the bicycle.
  • Each applicant can receive support for one electric cargo bike.

The municipality has set aside up to NOK 1.3 million for this support scheme. Of this, up to NOK 800,000 can be used for electric cargo bikes for families with children. If the municipality receives more applications than there are funds for, it will be decided by lottery who will receive support.

How do you apply?

  • Before you apply, you must get a price quote for the bike you want to buy from the dealer.
  • Click on the link to the application form below, log in and fill in.
  • Also write briefly what you intend to use the electric cargo bike for. This is emphasized when the application is processed.
  • Upload a price offer for a bicycle together with the form, and submit it.
  • The deadline to apply for support is 26 April 2023. You will receive a response to your application by 16 May.

Here you apply for support


Payment form

When the e-bike has been paid for, you fill in the payment form and upload the receipt for the purchase. After the payment form has been approved, the support will be paid to the account number you entered in the payment form.

Form for receiving support payments.

Now you can also rent electric cargo bikes

Frilager, together with Stavanger municipality, lends electric cargo bikes for NOK 20 a day. The maximum loan period is 7 days. The electric cargo bikes are intended for the transport of children, but can also be used for the transport of goods. As of today, bicycles are deployed at Bekkefaret town hall, Kvernevik town hall, Tasta town hall and Hundvåg town hall.

The electric cargo bikes can be ordered at Frilager.no.

Support for the purchase of electric mopeds and electric motorcycles ENOVA provides NOK. 3,500 in support for the purchase of an electric moped and up to NOK. 25,000 for the purchase of an electric motorcycle. More information about the support scheme and application form can be found here.