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Search the Archives

The Stavanger city archive receives documents and archives from all municipal departments and institutions such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, the Stavanger library and the economy department. We also receive private archives from individuals or private institutions, such as architects and local businesses.

Information in other languages

Stavanger byarkiv. Bilde fra www.stavangerbilder.no

Stavanger bibliotek. Barn på lesesalen. Fotograf: Gard Paulsen. Datering av foto: 01.04.1939. Kilde: BySt1989_04_1429

Access to online archives

A lot of material has been digitalized and made available at our two websites:

1. www.stavangerbyarkiv.no: Contains older documents such as property registers, censuses and magistrate protocols.

2. www.stavangerbilder.no: Stavanger images; a site with collections of photographs, images, drawings and maps.

Other useful sites containing digitalized material:
1. www.arkivportalen.no: A national browsing service containing the catalogues of many archival institutions in Norway.
2. www.digitalarkivet.no: A governmental service presenting digitalized archival documents.

Daily records

A list of many municipal day-to-day letters and documents can be found at the municipality’s public journal. If you want access to the documents listed here, follow the steps described at the site.

All the city’s political cases can be read openly at this site.

All the city’s building matters can be read openly at this site.

All sites are free of charge.

Access to physical archives

Access to older archives can be ordered at byarkivet@​stavanger.kommune.no

The reading rooms are located at the House of Archives, Richard Johnsens street no. 12, 4012 Stavanger. Opening hours are Monday-Friday from 9 AM - 3 PM and Wednesdays from 9 AM - 7 PM.

Examples of what you may find in the House of Archives:

* Property and ownership documents

* Documents regarding schooling and time of birth

* Local papers

* Genealogy (please write to the e-mail address above for inquiries regarding this).