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Voluntary work

In brief

  • The City of Stavanger helps to coordinate voluntary work in the city.
  • The City of Stavanger offers free premises and guidance for organisations and volunteers, keeps an overview of subsidy schemes, arranges courses and runs four voluntary centres.

Information in other languages

What does the city do?

The city facilitates voluntary work in Stavanger. The city also organises regular courses for voluntary organisations. Invitations are sent to all organisations that are registered in the subsidy portal Tilskuddsportalen. Registration is simple and free of charge.

Voluntary centres in Stavanger

Become a volunteer

Search the database of Frivillig.no for activities you can get involved in. You can also contact the voluntary centres or clubs and associations directly.

Clubs and associations

On the website stavanger.foreningsportalen.no, clubs and associations can register information about themselves, what parts of the city they are active in and what activities they have.

Find all clubs and associations that are registered in the Register of Non-Profit Organisations in Brønnøysund 

Subsidy schemes

You can find a summary of subsidy schemes for voluntary work here

Plans and strategies