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Public Health Centres

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The public health centre is free of charge, offering services for children aged 0-6 years and their families.

We work on prevention and health promotion, provide advice and counselling, and wish to support parents in their role as parents. Children are offered health check-ups and vaccinations consistent with national guidelines and the National Immunisation Programme.

The staff at the public health centre includes a public health nurse, medical secretary, physician and physiotherapist. Midwives, family counsellors and psychologists are affiliated with the public health centre. In addition, we cooperate with other specialists and enterprises if needed by the child and his/her family. The public health centre offers the following services:

  • Home visits
  • Breastfeeding guidance and extra follow-up during the post-natal period
  • Post-natal groups
  • Infant and young child consultations with health check-ups
  • Parent counselling
  • Health information
  • Immunisation (Childhood Immunisation Programme)
  • Follow-up of special-needs families
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation

Feeding, sleep, well-being, development, accident prevention, interaction, the parent role and challenges in everyday life are topics addressed at the consultations. Please talk to your public health nurse or phone the public health centre if you need extra follow-up in addition to the standard public health centre services.

There are international groups during pregnancy and after birth, called TEGRA.
If you are interested to hear more about it, you can talk with your midwife or your public health nurse. You can also send us an e-mail at tegra@stavanger.kommune.no

Contact information

The Public Health Centre

Visiting address:

Helsestasjons- og skolehelsetjenesten, administration office Verksgata 1 A, 2.floor 4013 Stavanger