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Election 2019 - Finnøy, Rennesøy og Stavanger

Brief overview

  • In the municipal and county council elections of 2019 new representatives for the Municipal Council and the County Council are elected.
  • The 2019 Election will be the first municipal council election in Nye Stavanger municipality. 
  • Advance voting will be available from Monday 12th august, 2019. Voters will be able to submit votes from any other municipality in Norway regardless of your current National Registry municipality entry.
  • The official election day is monday september 9th 2019. There will be one voting station open for each municipal district to those who would like to vote on a Sunday.
  • On the official election day and the day before (september 8th and 9th) you can only submit your vote in your own municipality written on your polling card or the municipality stated in your National Registry entry.

Information in other languages

Who is entitled to vote?

    • Norwegian citizens who will turn 18 years of age before the end of 2019 and who are, or have ever been, registered in the National Registry as resident in Norway.
    • Citizens of another Nordic country (i.e. Denmark, Iceland, Finland or Sweden) who will turn 18 years of age before the end of 2019 and who are registered in the National Registry as resident in Norway at the latest on 30 June 2019.
    • People who are not Norwegian citizens who will turn 18 years of age before the end of 2019 and who have been registered in the National Registry as resident in Norway for the last three years prior to election day.

Employees of the diplomatic or consular services, and their households, have the right to vote irrespective of whether they have been registered in the National Registry as resident in Norway or not. They do not need to apply for entry in the electoral register.

Voters must be entered in the electoral register in a municipality on election day in order to exercise their right to vote.

Download more information from valg.no (PDF)

Where and when can you vote?

Advance voting

Advance votes can be cast in any municipality in the country.

In Nye Stavanger you can vote in advance from 12 August to 6 September here:  

Polling station at Torget i Stavanger:    

  • Monday – Friday: 10 - 18
  • Saturday: 10 – 15

Rennesøy Council House and Finnøy Council House:

  • Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 15.00
  • Thursday 5. Sep: 08.30 – 18.00

Polling station in the districts from 22 August to 6 Sep at Siddishallen/DNB Arena,  Hillevåg squares, at Hundvågkrossen, by Johannes læringssenter and at Tastasenteret:

  • Mondag – Friday: 10 – 18
  • Saturday: 10 – 17

Voting at home

If you are ill or disabled, you can apply for voting from home.

You must apply by 3 September, 2019. Send an email to else.bird@stavanger.komune.no or phone 51 50 75 62 / 971 45 845.

Election days

On election day, you must vote in the municipality in which you were registered as resident on 30 June 2019. 

You can vote here: 

Ward Polling station Opening hours Sunday September 8. Opening hours Monday September 9.
Buøy og Hundvåg Hundvåghallen, Austbøsvingen 54 15-20 10-21
Varden Varden kirke, Egersundsgate 11   10-21
Storhaug Bergeland vgs, Vaisenhusgata 50 15-20 10-21
Våland Våland skole, Schives gate 21   10-21
Ullandhaug Ullandhaug skole, Hjalmar Johansens gate 13   10-21
Eiganes Kommunens administrasjonsbygg, Olav Kyrres gate 23 15-20 10-21
Kampen Kampen skole, Kampens gate 33   10-21
Roaldsøy Roaldsøy skole, Nordvikveien 23   10-21
Vassøy Vassøystua, Sørstrandveien 40A   10-21
Gausel Gautesetehallen, Heddeveien 145 15-20 10-21
Hinna Hinna skole, Ordfører Tveteraas gate 11   10-21
Vaulen Kristianslyst skole, Skolevollen 17   10-21
Kvaleberg Hillevåg kirke, Veumveien 55 15-20 10-21
Tjensvoll Tjensvoll kirke, Tellusveien 43   10-21
Stokka Stokka kirke, Chr. Skredsvigs vei 23   10-21
Madlamark Madla bydelshus, Åsta Kongsmors gate 20 15-20 10-21
Hafrsfjord Hafrsfjord skole, Madlasandnes 11   10-21
Kvernevik Kvernevikhallen, Heiloveien 9   10-21
Sunde Sunde skole, Sundeveien 10   10-21
Indre Tasta Tastahallen, Fredtunveien 10   10-21
Ytre Tasta Vardenes skole, Gamle Dusavikveien 4 15-20 10-21
Rennesøy Rennesøy kommunehus, Vikevåg, Asalveien 6 15-20 10-21
Mosterøy Mastrahallen, Mosterøyveien   10-21
Finnøy Finnøy rådhus, Judabergveien 6 15-18 10-19
Fogn Fogn oppvekstsenter, 4164 Fogn   13-18
Halsnøy Halsnøy barnehage, 4182 Halsnøy   13-18
Ombo Ombo oppvekstsenter, Eidssund, 4187 Ombo   13-18
Sjernarøy Sjernarøy oppvekstsenter, Aubø, 4170 Sjernarøy   13-18
Nord-Hidle Øytun, 4173 Nord-Hidle   13-17

How to vote

You can read about how to vote in the English information brochure.

Remember to bring ID when you vote

As a minimum, the identification must contain your name, date of birth and a photo. Examples of valid identification include a passport, driving licence or bank card with your photo. 

You do not need to bring your polling card with you, but it may save you time. The polling card does not count as identification.