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💧 A strong region within aquaculture

The City of Stavanger is Norway's fourth largest municipality within fish farming and the region is heavy on technology and research within aquaculture.

Updated : 3/20/2024

The aquaculture industry employs many people and there is room for large local ripple effects when the industry grows out of the fjords and into the open sea. The industry aims to increase volume and to adopt new production technologies.

🐟 Sustainable fish farming

Ole Rasmus Hidle

Photo: Ole Rasmus Hidle

In september 2021, the project "Low-emission value chain for offshore aquaculture" received NOK 93 million. This project is dedicated to ensuring sustainable fish farming as the industry expands into the oceans and offshore.

🌊 Stronger investement in aquaculture

BĂ„t og hav
Ole Rasmus Hidle

Photo: Ole Rasmus Hidle

The Stavanger region consists of both fjords and skerries which give the region a unique opportunity to rapidly increase its aquacultural production. We have areas, fish ponds and a test centre for new species and are at the forefront in future technology on food production in the sea.

The City of Stavanger has established a "Startup Ocean Lab for Aquapreneurs" were companies such as Skretting, Cargill, Marine Harvest, Bremnes, Grieg Seafood and several energy companies are partners.  

In 2020, the City of Stavanger gave NOK 1.2 million to the establishment of "Havets Hus" (house of the seas) in Stavanger. The aim is to create a strong environment for growth and innovation within aquaculture. Stiim Aqua Cluster is in charge of creating a unique environment for startups and entrepreneurs within aquaculture and aquatech. 

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Tom Kjellsen

Tom Kjellsen

Aquaculture Advisor

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