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🚀 Technology and industry is thriving

The Stavanger region has gained a unique competence through 50 years in the forefront of energy technology. This expertise and transition of technology will help us solve global challenges and open up new markets for local businesses.

Updated : 3/20/2024

The region has a business community and academia that develop technology supporting and developing all industries.  

🌿 Leading the green transition

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Stavanger kommune // Stavanger Business Region

We have competence and experience in technologies such as digitisation, automation, robotisation and artificial intelligence (AI) based on use of large amounts of data, machine learning etc. 

The technology contributes to develop new industries that are complex and difficult for others to copy. Several companies in this category experience high value creation with a large growth potential.

💡 The city for startups

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Stavanger kommune // Stavanger Business Region

Since 2015, the city's startup development oranisations (SDOs), including workplaces, incubators, clusters and accelerators, have grown rapidly. In 2021, we broke every city record, with an all-time high of new establishments, and has become the second largest city in Norway for startups per capita, placing us ahead of both Trondheim and Bergen, and only beaten by our capital, Oslo. 

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Anne Woie

Anne Woie

Head of Economic Development and International Affairs

Mobile phone:
995 12 623
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