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Business areas in Stavanger

In Stavanger, there are several attractive office buildings and business areas with capacity for various industries and businesses.

Updated : 3/1/2023

Do you need a storefront, office or other commercial space for your business? In Stavanger, we got plenty of options and we can point you in the right direction to help you find the most suitable place for your company. 

If you are looking for head offices or office workplaces, there are several central areas to rent or buy. Here we can offer an urban atmosphere where everything you might need is nearby. The infrastructure is facilitated in a way that employees easily can walk, ride a bike, or take public transport to work.   

Central areas

Downtown Stavanger 

Bilde av Stavanger Sentrum

Stavanger city centre is the region's most important centre for trade, public and private services, culture, nightlife, and experiences. 

There are plenty of hotels, meeting rooms and conferance venues, financial institutions, along with museums, shops, cafées, restaurants and bars in the centre. 

A short walk from the city centre you got parks and hiking areas, such as Byparken, Bjergstedparken and Stokkavatnet.  


Bilde av kafeteria

Forus is Norway's most important business area and centre for world-leading knowledge, innovation and technology development. Forus has a variety of areas and premises that are suitable for office, trade, warehousing, and industrial purposes.   

In Forus there are: 

  • 3,000 companies 
  • 46,000 employees  
  • 6.5 million square meters of property houses   

The companies here account for a fifth of Norway's value creation.  

However, Forus is not just a business area. It is also a center for food and drink, shopping and activity.  

Nothing is far away on Forus. You can reach Sandnes city center, Stavanger city center and Stavanger Airport in less than 15 minutes.  

This map will show you the properties for sale.

You can read more about Forus here.   


Det skjeive tårnet i Jåttåvågen

Jåttåvågen is a business area nearby the sea and is also a public transport hub between Stavanger and Sandnes.

There is a mixture of industry, housing, and centre functions in the area. In addition, it houses the soccer team Viking's home ground, SR-Bank Arena, and several large office buildings including Aker BP, Wintershall, the insurance company IF and the law firm Simonsen Vogt Wiig.

In Jåttåvågen there are: 

  • 80 companies 
  • 5,300 employees – and space for 6,000 more to come  
  • 148,000 square meters of property houses 

You can read more about the business premises here (in Norwegian). 

Contact person: 
Kjetil Andre Haver,
sales and marketing manager / Hinna Park
995 07 475

Ullandhaug – the University area

Industri på Ullandhaug-området

Ullandhaug is just 5 kilometres away from the city centre and borders Stavanger's largest recreational area. 

At Ullandhaug you will find the University of Stavanger, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the Innovation Park, Havets Hus (a power center for the aquaculture industry), the Norwegian Research Centre NORCE and the regional office of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK in addition to a number of other knowledge enterprises.

The Innovation Park is an international centre for innovation, research and business development, housing over 150 companies and around 900 employees in nine buildings. 

A new hospital will open in the area in 2024, and it is set aside for further development of buildings for research. 

If you want to know more about the premisses at Ullandhaug, you can find the right person to call here

Outside the city centre

bilde av Worley

In addition to the more central areas, there are other areas in Stavanger suitable for the industry, such as Dusavika, Hanasand, Vestre Åmøy, Talje, Judaberg and Vikevåg.

Just 30 minutes outside the centre of Stavanger, we can find the Green Mountain data centre, located in a former high security NATO ammunition storage facility.

Rogaland havbrukspark, the ocean lab for startup and growth companies within aquaculture, is located in Judaberg, about 40 minutes from the city centre. 

Who to contact?

The local banks have office spaces and real estate agents who know all about where different types of companies are located in Stavanger.