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Stavanger´s business climate

The region is a hotspot for resource-based industries including energy, aquaculture, and agriculture. Coupled with a highly educated workforce, excellent infrastructure, and capabilities within engineering and ICT (Information and communications technology), the region provides an innovative and vibrant setting for start-ups and enterprises looking for new sustainable market opportunities.

Updated : 8/8/2022

From the city of canning to the oil capital. From the oil capital to the energy capital. Stavanger has always been part of the transition, and now we are facing yet another challenge. As a region, we must ensure a more sustainable business basis in order to have a more diverse economy.  

We believe almost 50 years of oil and gas have given us both a unique competence and a competitive advantage toward a more sustainable business sector. Our goal is for the Stavanger region to be the metropolitan area with the greatest competitiveness and value creation in the country, and to be leading in the green transition.  

Our region offers:

  • Access to highly skilled workers
  • Multiple business clusters and corporate headquarters
  • Universities and research and development institutes
  • Excellent English knowledge base
  • Top infrastructure and accessibility (renewable energy supply, high-speed internet, ports, international airport, etc.)
  • Opportunities for eco-industrial collaboration
  • Stable political landscape
  • Predictability in relation to taxes, regulations, etc.