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Apply for kindergarden


You can apply for kindergarten all year. Here you apply for private and public kindergartens. You can also apply for a transfer to a new kindergarten.

August 15. marks the beginning of a new kindergarten year. Equal to a new school year. If you want a placement by this date you must apply by March 1st at the latest.

Click here to apply for kindergarten. The link will open in a new window.

Information in other languages

What is a kindergarten?

Kindergartens in Norway are private and public institutions for children aged 1 to 5. In the kindergarten your child will experience personal development, new friendships, play, fun and learning. Emotional and social development are the most important aspects of kindergarten.

Apply for kindergarten

Applying for kindergarten is done digitally only. When applying you can choose four kindergartens, these will be put on a priority list from 1 to 4.

Change or resign kindergarten

You can apply for a transfer to a new kindergarten. When a place become available your child will automatically be given the new placement. 

If you want to resign a kindergarten placement, you can do it here. Opens in a new window. It is only the parent who is listed as parent number 1 in the application system that can resign the placement.

Important information

When will you get a placement?

If you apply prior to March 1st you will likely get a response by late March or early April. If you apply after March 1st you will get a response as soon as a placement is available.

You can complain

You can complain if your not satisfied with the kindergarten placement you have been given. You have 3 weeks to send in a formal complain from the date you receive the offer.

You can send your complain to this e-mail address.