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  1. Home

Health and social care

Emergency services

Stavanger emergency medical centre (Legevakten)

The centre is open 24 hours a day for everyone who needs immediate help. Patients are requested to telephone first. During the day, however, you should contact your regular GP or call 113 when life or health are at risk.
You can contact the emergency medical centre outside your GP’s ordinary working hours.
Visiting address: Armauer Hansens vei 30 (next to the hospital)
Telephone: 51 51 02 02

Rape crisis unit 

The Stavanger emergency medical centre has a rape crisis unit (voldtektsmottak) which is open 24 hours a day and is free of charge for everyone. 
Telephone: 902 40 200 or 51 51 02 02 (emergency medical centre)

General practitioner

Under the regular GP (fastlege) scheme, every inhabitant in Norway is entitled to his or her own general practitioner. GPs attached to the scheme must give priority to patients on their lists. This is a voluntary scheme. If you do not wish to be part of it, you have to pay a higher user charge when you go to the doctor.  During office hours always contact your regular GP, not the emergency medical service. If you want to find a GP or change your GP, go to www.nav.no or www.fastleger.no.

Stavanger Shelter

The shelter is open around the clock, the service is free and no referral is needed.

Telephone: 51 53 06 23
Shelter for men, telephone: 51 53 22 27
E-mail: ksis@stavanger.kommune.no

Other health and social services

Companion card

Companion cards (ledsagerbevis) are issued to disabled persons. They give helpers or companions free or cheaper access to a number of cultural and recreational activities and to certain means of transport. Application forms and more information can be found here.

Home help and home nursing

If you have a particular need for help due for example to illness, disability or old age, contact your local health and social welfare office.

International vaccination office and infection control office

Vaccinations, health advice prior to travelling, issue of malaria prescriptions, hygiene and infection control advice, health information, tuberculosis examinations and vaccinations.
Visiting address: Torgveien 15C (Hillevåg)
Telephone: 51 91 33 33
E-mail: vaksinasjonskontoret@stavanger.kommune.no
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 – 15:00

Keep fit for the over 60s

The municipal authorities in Stavanger provide free keep-fit classes for the over 60s in partnership with the Skipper Worse foundation


NAV consists of the state-run Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service and the municipal social services. Your local NAV office can help you with: employment, advice and follow-up, family and pension services, occupational rehabilitation, sickness benefits, technical aids, etc. At www.nav.no you can find job vacancies, register as a job-seeker, send in your employment status form (meldekort) electronically, find a general practitioner (fastlege),  order a European health insurance card, ask for a calculation of your pension, etc. 

Nursing homes and nursing home places

You will find application forms and a list of nursing homes (sykehjem)  in Stavanger on our website. The nursing homes have day centres for the elderly and can offer short-term care, alternating care and long-term care.
All applications for nursing home places must be sent to your local 
health and social welfare office.

Respite care services

People who look after elderly, disabled or other persons in need of care can be given respite (avlastning) in or outside the home, for example in the form of a home help, a day centre place or short-term admittance to a nursing home. For further information contact your health and social welfare office.

Security alarm

Elderly, disabled and other persons who may feel insecure living at home alone can have a security alarm (trygghetsalarm) connected to a call centre which notifies the home care services. For more information contact your health and social welfare office.

User fees for old age and nursing homes

Information about user fees for care in old age and nursing homes and for home-based services is in Norwegian.