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Information about corona virus


The coronavirus (covid-19) has reached Norway. If you think you may be infected, call the emergency room (legevakten) at telephone number 51 91 40 30.

Daycare institutions are now reopened. The youngest pupils returned to school again on April 27, and the older return from May 11.

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General information about corona
Information for parents
Information about "karantene"

Information at

Preventing transmission is the most important step to slow down the infection rate and avoid widespread illness. With fewer people in need of medical care at the same point of time, our health and care services will be better able to care for those in need. We can all help to prevent transmission - Thank you for contributing!

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Norway to lift COVID-19 restrictions gradually and cautiously

Children’s day care centres, primary school classes for pupils in years 1–4 and out-of-school care programmes have re-opened, and the Government has lift the ban on people staying at their holiday properties.

Hairdressers and other businesses where there is one-to-one contact have also allowed to resume operations, provided that they follow the requirements for infection control measures.

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Child day care and schools re-opened 20 April and 27 April respectively

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to contribute to the maintenance of necessary health and care services, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, according to the Infection Control Act, decided to close all schools, childcare centres and other educational institutions from 12 March.

The Government re-opened child day care from 20 April, and primary school classes for years 1–4 and out-of-school care programmes from 27 April.

All swimming pools, gyms and sports events are still closed.

Health information phone

If you have questions about the new corona virus and cannot find answers on FHI's website, you can call the Directorate of Health's information phone 815 55 015.

Those who suspect they are infected or ill should still call the emergency room at 51 91 40 30.

Do you suspect infection?

Symptoms of the disease are respiratory infection (fever, cough, chest pain or difficulty breathing).

Call the emergency room (legevakten) at telephone number 51 91 40 30 and share your journey and symptoms.

In order not to infect others, it is important that you call first and not just show up.

How do you prevent infection?

Good hand hygiene is important to limit infection. Wash your hands with soap and water and have antibac available if hand washing is not possible. Cough in the elbow or in paper. Discard the paper after use.

Useful information from Norwegian Institute of Public Health