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Publicly contracted physiotherapists

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Who can get help?

If you need physiotherapy treatment and are able to travel to a physiotherapy clinic, you can get help from a publicly contracted physiotherapist.

How do you obtain treatment from a publicly contracted physiotherapist?

You contact the physiotherapy clinics directly to schedule an appointment.

Do you have to pay for the treatment yourself?

Until you have earned the right to a free card, you pay a publicly prescribed deductible for treatment provided by a publicly contracted physiotherapist.

Children under 16 years of age and those with approved occupational injuries do not pay for physiotherapy treatment.

See helsenorge.no (in norwegian) and fysio.no  (in norwegian) for more information about payment and deductibles.

Some physiotherapists working at the physiotherapy clinics may not have an operating agreement with Stavanger Municipality (fully private physiotherapists). If you are treated by a fully private physiotherapist, you must cover the entire cost of treatment yourself. You will receive information about this when you contact a clinic or a physiotherapist.

I need help from a physiotherapist, but I have difficulty with transportation

If you are mobile, but for various reasons have difficulty with transportation (such as by car or public transport) you can be entitled to organized transport. The clinic or the physiotherapist you contact will inform you about this. Information can also be found at www.pasientreiser.no

If you need physiotherapy in your home, send your application for physio- and occupational therapy services to your local health and social welfare office (HSK). 

Overview of publicly contracted physiotherapists

The physiotherapists in this list have municipal operating agreements. It is only with these physiotherapists that you can get parts of your treatment costs covered by HELFO. You can also view the physiotherapy clinic with which they are affiliated, contact information, and their specializations.

Therapy groups organized by publicly contracted physiotherapists

Here you can download an overview of therapy groups organized by publicly contracted physiotherapists.