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About Stavanger Business Region

Stavanger Business Region is run by the Department of economic development and international affairs in the City of Stavanger. We help and attract companies and talents to set up, grow and develop in our region.

Updated : 7/28/2022

From the city of canning to the oil capital. From the oil capital to the energy capital. Stavanger has always been part of the transition, and now we are facing yet another challenge. As a region, we must ensure a more sustainable business basis in order to have a more diverse economy.  

We believe almost 50 years of oil and gas have given us both a unique competence and a competitive advantage toward a more sustainable business sector. Our goal is for the Stavanger region to be the metropolitan area with the greatest competitiveness and value creation in the country, and to be leading in the green transition.  

To achieve our goal, we have selected four important focus areas:

⚡️ The energy capital
Agriculture and aquaculture
💡 Industry, technology, and competence
🎉 Experiences and tourism

These focus areas will make sure we strengthen what we are already good at, at the same time as we invest in new industries that are important for the transition we are facing.

In addition, we have selected four strategic initiatives that will help us achieve our goals:

👋🏽 Best host municipality 
Municipalities that succeed in business development are often those who are close to the business community, able to adapt quickly, and provide a short distance between idea and action. 
🌟 Attractive metropolitan area
Stavanger should be a magnet for business and competence. It should be attractive to start and run a business in the region. 
♻️ Future-oriented business community 
With its unique competence, the Stavanger region has a competitive advantage in the transition to the green shift. This gives us a good basis for developing new, competitive industries based on existing knowledge. 

🌎 International cooperation 
Stavanger is the home to people from more than 190 countries and has an international business community and lives off exporting goods and services. We work towards a more open and inclusive city, with close international cooperation. 

Read more in our Strategy for economic development 2021-2030


Branding materials

Stavanger Business Region has created branding materials for businesses, organizations, and others who might like to present the region. This includes an elevator pitch, video, pictures, and some fun facts.

Check out the brand package here