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Welcome to Stavanger Business Region

Are you a foreign start up founder, an international business professional, or investor seeking opportunities? Whatever your role, we're here to assist you in exploring Stavanger Business Region and the array of opportunities it presents.

Updated : 4/10/2024

Have you been to the Emigration Expo? 

We're so happy you found us online! Get in touch with our advisors Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt and Even Eide for more info and follow up after the Emigration Expo in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

About Stavanger Business Region 

With its unique expertise and 60 years of oil and gas, the Stavanger region is at the forefront of transitioning towards sustainability, facilitating the development of new, competitive industries.

We work to attract businesses and talent, providing an ideal environment for starting and growing enterprises in the region. The region is well-positioned for business success, with strong connections to the business community, rapid adaptation, and streamlined processes from idea to action.

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We are always open to new collaborations. Our team is ready to guide you in your search for opportunities in the Stavanger Business Region, using our corporate background, industry insight and well-connected networks. We also receive multiple international delegations. 

Contact information

Anne Woie/Stavanger kommune

Anne Woie

Head of Economic Development and International Affairs - City of Stavanger

Mobile phone:
995 12 623
51 50 73 48
Portrettbilde av mann.

Birger Haraldseid

Energy Advisor

Mobile phone:
908 93 186
Bilde av Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt

Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt


Mobile phone:
974 35 760
Even Eide

Even Eide

International Relations Advisor

Mobile phone:
469 61 884
Tom Kjellsen

Tom Kjellsen

Aquaculture Advisor

Mobile phone:
930 23 506