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  2. Waste and Environment
  3. Technical services

Technical services

Information in English about services related to environment and waste from the municipality of Stavanger.

Pollutants and litter

If you discover pollutants or litter in water or soil, contact the water and sewerage section (vann- og avløpsverket) on telephone
51 50 70 90 or by e-mail.

Waste handling

Waste handling for private households in Stavanger

Road maintenance

Communications concerning maintenance of municipal streets, pavements and pedestrian and cycle paths should be addressed to our service centre, telephone 51 50 70 90.
Reports regarding regional, national and E-roads and pavements along these roads should be addressed to the Public Roads Administration, road traffic centre (Veitrafikksentralen), telephone 175.

Smell and noise

Reports of smell and noise problems should be addressed to the chief medical officer

Street lights

Reports of dead street lights should be addressed to Lyse customer services.

Water and sewerage system

In the event of a fault in the water and sewerage system, contact VA-verket Forus, telephone 51 50 71 86.

Water meter and water meter status

Using a special calculator, you can check whether it would be cheaper for you to install a water meter (vannmåler). If you already have a water meter, you can register the water level on our web site.