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Waste handling in Stavanger

Information in other languages

Find your bin collection day

You can find the collection day for your address, by searching with your whole address or part of your address

Bin collection app

Do you have a smart phone and want to be reminded which bin is being collected? Download our app Stavanger tømmekalender (Stavanger bin collection calendar):

Refuse collection

Most houses in Stavanger have four waste containers; a green, a brown, a black and a red one. 

  • Green bin for paper. Collected every four weeks.
  • Brown bin for organic waste. Collected every second week.
  • Red bin for hazardous waste. You book collection at
  • Black bin for other waste, including plastic. Collected every second week.


We offer a fourth bin for glass and metal packaging if you prefer this over the public recycling stations in the area. This bin is free of cost. You need to place a booking to get this bin, it will not be delivered to all households automatically.

When the bin for glass waste is full you book the pick-up on

Recycling and how to sort your waste

Please visit (in Norwegian) for more information about the sorting of waste.

Other waste you might have

Bulky waste, glass packaging, garden waste, hazardous waste and clothing can be picked up from outside your house. Read more and make your booking at  (

You can also place your sorted waste at IVAR recycling center at Forus.  

Replace damaged bin

Replace damaged bin here (in Norwegian).

Contact information

Resident services

Visiting address:

Resident services Olav Kyrres gate 23 4005 Stavanger

51 50 70 90