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  1. Home

When a person has not been assigned a municipality for settlement from IMDi, it may be possible for self-settlement. Self-settlement means that a person may find suitable housing on their own in the municipality, according to given criteria.

Agreed self-settlement is for a person that

  • Has not been assigned a settlement municipality from IMDi
  • Is a private recident or staying at a reception center
  • Has found housing in the private rental market
  • Has been granted a recidence permit that entitles him/her to public assitance to settle in a municipality
  • Is singel or adult without children
  • For those who have been granted collective protection, families with children can also send a request, but we ask you to contact the municipality for guidance before submitting a request

This is what you have to do if you are a private resident and have recieved a residence permit

If you are a private resident in the municipality and have recieved a residence permit from UDI, you must first submit an application to IMDi for settlement with public assistance. This must be done within 6 months. Read more about this here Privatboende IMDi.

Direct link to the digital form to "Application form for settlement with public assistance" here.

Sumbit the documentation mentioned after the next point. 

This is what you have to do if you live at a reception centre

As soon as possible after you have recieved a temporary recidence permit from UDI, talk to your settlement manager at the reception centre that you want to find private recidence in Stavanger. The reception center registers your request, and when the documentation below has been sent to Flyktningtjenesten in Stavanger, ask the reception to register it as well. IMDi will then recognize this in their system. It is not guaranteed that you will be settled in Stavanger. The case must be approved by Flyktningtjenesten and IMDi. If you already have been assigned to another municipality, it cannot be reversed. 

What to do when you have found accommodation

Fill inn the following forms:

We recommend that you ask your contact person at the reception center to check and submit your documents. You can also personally deliver the documents at the reception desk at Flyktningtjenesten, Tinngata 8, 4014 Stavanger.

Feedback will be sent to you or your contactperson within 3 weeks.

Please note that you are reponsible for providing feedback to the landlord/owner of the house in case your request is not approved.

Requirements for acceptable accommodation

  • The housing must be located in the municipality of Stavanger.
  • The housing must be "approved for residential purposes" by the municipality, or with an approved exemption from the regulations by the municipality
  • The duration of the contract must be for at least one year and with 3 months of mutual termination
  • When ending the tenancy, both you and your landlord must give 3 months written notice
  • The deposit guarantee may be up to 3 months and up to 3 years warranty period. This is issued by NAV after submitted application. Flyktningtjenesten may assist with an application to NAV
  • Contract dates must start at least 3 weeks after submitting the request

Guidelines for coverage of expenses excluding electricity

  • Studio/housing for single person: kr 7 000 per month
  • One-bedroom home: kr 8 900 per month
  • Two-bedrooms home: kr 11 200 per month
  • Three-bedrooms home: kr. 15 000 per month
  • Housing with four bedrooms or more, individual assessment

Important to remember

  • Pay attention to basement and lofts/attic for rent. These are often not approved for residential purposes
  • Do not sign the contract before you have received a letter confirming that your application for settlement in the municipality of Stavanger is approved. If you pay rent before your settlement is approved, you might not get your money back
  • When you sign a private tenancy agreement, it is your personal responsibility to find new housing when you end the tenancy
  • We recommend the website finn.no/hjerterom when you look for apartments for rent. At this site, you will also find important information concerning private renting.

Contact information

Refugee service

Visiting address:

Postal address:

4068 Stavanger

51 91 40 20